When developing an excellent website, offering visitors a consistent way to communicate with the website’s owner is a great way to increase engagement, respond to feedback, and even sell products and services. While technically-savvy website visitors could run a WHOIS search to find the website owner’s contact information, this is impractical since few individuals other than spammers will want to communicate this way. Therefore, offering a convenient contact form is something that every website owner should consider. In this article, some of the best contact form plugins available for WordPress in today’s marketplace will be discussed.

WordPress Contact Form Plugin by vCita

Designed with those that want to customize everything in mind, the vCita WordPress Contact Form Plugin offers flexibility, ease of use, and security features that make it shine. By offering output in the form of both email and SMS, website owners can be more responsive to requests by having the information more immediately available on a variety of devices.

Specialized Forms

The best feature of the vCita plugin is its ability to offer a rich array of contact form types for different applications. While it offers the traditional contact form provided on most “Contact Us” pages, the plugin also builds forms designed to drive sales results. Lead generation forms, sidebar widgets, full-width forms, and even dynamic-width forms all work to make this plugin versatile across many different applications.

Secure and Functional

The vCita plugin also carries the advantages of enhanced security without inconveniencing website visitors. While many contact form plugins attempt to solve the spam problem by requiring robots to solve a captcha or math problem before submission, this plugin utilizes more advanced WordPress functionality called cryptographic nonces to encrypt contact form data and minimize exposure to denial of service attacks. In addition to these security features, vCita also offers more advanced functionality like auto-responders, language customization, and design options.

Designed for Business Owners

While the plugin is completely free, the company vCita offers a variety of internet business solutions. As a result, the plugin comes fully-loaded with integrated online scheduling, appointment booking functionality, online payments, and email marketing capabilities. These lightweight additions to the program make it easy to take advantage of data obtained through forms to drive sales. This suite of additional contact forms and the ability to capitalize on them makes vCita the best contact form plugin for purely business applications.

Fast Secure Contact Form

Just as the name suggests, Fast Secure Contact Form makes it very simple and easy to integrate and utilize a custom contact form on any website. By automatically adapting to the general appearance of a website, working with this plugin is generally as simple as installing it and dropping in a widget. For bloggers and small website owners, this plugin is a great tool that allows them to implement contact forms without needing to hire a developer.

Quick and Easy

As mentioned, this plugin is exceptionally easy both to install and work with. With extensive support available on the plugin’s website, even more difficult functionality can become much easier. Swapping out, renaming, and re-ordering contact fields is as simple as dragging in a box on a simple interface. Through the WordPress admin dashboard, controlling just about anything is as simple as checking a box or inserting text into a field.

Suite of Spam-Protection Tools

While Fast Secure Contact Form may seem like a simple plugin, behind the scenes it provides well-structured WC3-validated code and security features that make malicious activities difficult for hackers. The plugin uses both captchas and aggregate data provided by Askimet to weed out spammers before the message is even sent.

Customizable Layouts

With a simple interface, the entire design of this plugin’s contact forms can be fully-customized. New form fields can be added with the touch of a button, and labels can be modified by simply pressing the “edit” button. The program even offers ways to back-up and save different layout options to make building additional websites easy.

Contact Form 7

To date, Contact Form 7 is the most widely-downloaded plugin ever created. The plugin has more than 17 million downloads, and has been in existence since 2009. After all these years, the plugin has now fully-reached maturity and offers a full line-up of features that are not found in other contact form plugins. In fact, this plugin is so popular that a suite of plugins have been created by other users that add functionality to the plugin. With such widespread adoption and a rich developer community, it is hard to go wrong with the Contact Form 7 WordPress plugin.

Shortcode Integration

While other plugins offer widgets in order to add forms to a webpage, Contact Form 7 goes beyond this by offering shortcodes that can be placed anywhere on a webpage. This makes the plugin exceptionally versatile for different applications on contact pages, inquiry forms, and even newsletter signups. By offering the ability to customize each field, the plugin allows for even greater functionality.

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