For bloggers that want their web properties to be successful, making sure that websites follow best practices to ensure that search engines will see them as highly relevant is critical to success. Yet for many bloggers, doing this alone without hiring an SEO consultant can result in facing a very difficult and time consuming learning curve. For this reason, leading plugin developers have made WordPress SEO plugins that make optimizing your blog for search engines much easier. This article will explain why the All in One SEO plugin and WordPress SEO by Yoast are essential plugins for any aspiring blogger today.

All in One SEO Pack

The All in One SEO package is a suite of tools developed by Michael Torbert that streamlines many common SEO activities into one simple package. By generating many on-page SEO elements without needing manual intervention from blog authors, this plugin can help cut down on maintenance time while still increasing the SEO potential of individual blog pages. With a built-in API for enhanced compatibility with other SEO plugins, All in One SEO Pack maintains the versatility of a world-class plugin package.

Sitemap Support

As many blog owners know, maintaining sitemaps can be a tedious process that is often neglected by website owners due to the time and effort required to build them after each update. With the All in One SEO Pack, keeping up with optimized XML sitemaps is an automatic process that requires no manual intervention. After creating each page or post, simply checking a box to include the page in your blog’s sitemap is the only requirement to automatically notify major search engines about your website’s latest updates. This can help index your pages faster, help search engines navigate your website, and make it easier to control pages that shouldn’t be visited by search engines.

Meta Tag Optimization

The All in One SEO Pack makes it easy to control meta tags like titles, descriptions, and many others. By offering the flexibility to automatically generate these elements, this plugin can be immensely helpful for search engine optimization. Additionally, manually editing meta tags is as simple as opening the page in the admin dashboard and simply editing one simple text field. For fine-tuning page descriptions to be more compelling or incorporating important keywords into different elements, this extra feature can make it much easier to optimize the descriptions of each page.

Automatic On-Page SEO

In addition to the meta tags described above, the plugin aims to minimize administration workloads by automating as much as possible. Things like automatic canonical URL’s and automatic checking for duplicate content are just some of the automation features included with the plugin. Sitemaps are automatically generated after each post, and support is even included for custom post types. By automating many of these SEO challenges, All in One SEO is indispensable for saving time.

Extra Functionality

As a full suite of products, this plugin does far more than merely what is mentioned here. Additional features like compatibility with other plugins, nonce security, and tools to optimize page navigation links are just a sample of some of this additional functionality. For bloggers that want to make having a successful blog easier, the All in One SEO Pack is strongly recommended.

WordPress SEO by Yoast

One of the most popular WordPress plugins ever created, the WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast, has more than 10 million satisfied downloaders. Launched in 2008, the plugin was created by an SEO industry leader to help make SEO more accessible for everyday bloggers. After nearly a decade of continuous updates and improvements, the plugin offers a rich suite of tools that can help bloggers successfully drive traffic to their websites through search engines.

Integrated Page Analysis

Compared to existing offerings, one of the best features of the Yoast plugin is its ability to automatically score articles and pages for their likelihood of SEO success. By offering this immediate feedback to bloggers, they are empowered to make changes on the fly to ensure that content is likely to succeed on search engines. From keyword research to checking for duplicate content, the Yoast plugin can do it all. By offering the ability to scan pages before going live, simple routine tasks are less likely to be forgotten.

Advanced Meta Tags

Like All in One SEO, Yoast offers the ability to change meta description and title tags. Yet instead of stopping at this basic functionality, the Yoast plugin also offers the ability to preview these tags before letting a page go live. This means that bloggers can optimize their description tags to be optimally-compelling before search engines even visit a site. By utilizing this feature, bloggers are better-able to manage these elements without having to wait weeks for search engines to re-index the entire website.

RSS Optimization and Sitemaps

To protect against stolen content, the Yoast plugin offers more advanced RSS feeds that can actually prevent your website’s content from being stolen. Yoast automatically adds an external link to an article the moment it is published, which makes it more difficult for scrapers to steal fresh content before it gets indexed. Even if the content does get stolen, search engines will be able to see the timestamp and be less likely to see hard-earned original content as something that was stolen.

Other Features

Since the Yoast plugin has now reached full maturity, its full array of features is almost overwhelming. Important files like .htaccess and robots.txt can all be manipulated and managed by using this plugin. Further, websites created with WordPress Multisite functionality will have full compatibility when using the Yoast plugin. For themes that do not support social media integration, Yoast can automatically add social share buttons to both new and existing pages. Finally, the plugin is offered in over 24 different languages including French and Dutch.

With all these features included together in one solid package, maintaining and optimizing individual pages for search engines is easier than ever. For bloggers that want to build successful blogs without having to manually implement routine SEO changes, both the Like All in One SEO Pack and WordPress SEO by Yoast are recommended to both new and seasoned bloggers alike.

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