Elegant Themes, the most affordable WordPress developer, delivers quality at a price that the competition can’t beat. For just $69, all 87 themes can be purchased at just $.79 per theme. This makes Elegant Themes nearly 100 times more affordable that most of its competitors. Despite the low price, Elegant Themes still delivers incredible quality that far exceeds the capabilities that any free theme can deliver. Designed for a broad audience, themes are available for bloggers with a variety of needs, ranging from business professionals to ecommerce companies and portfolio sites for designers. With over 230,000 customers, Elegant Themes have been used for almost anything. In this article, we will outline the best five elegant themes available for bloggers.


For a simple yet capable blog design, the Origin theme offers a fully-responsive design that looks good for a wide variety of bloggers. Complete with ePanel integration, the Origin theme allows bloggers to vary layouts and design elements on the fly without technical web development skills. Using ePanel, bloggers can manage advertisement integration and even optimize their site for search engines. For improved flexibility, the Origin theme can support any language by including a utility that translates the entire theme without having to open any of the PHP files. For more advanced posting, a variety of advanced page layout options are available for each post to ensure that every page looks unique. Contact forms, login pages, sitemaps, galleries, and more are all included with this theme. To make this even better, all Elegant Themes come with dedicated support that can help when trouble arises with updating and maintaining your site. This comes both in the form of one-on-one communication and a support forum that provides prompt answers to any question.

Due to Origin’s versatility as a premium WordPress theme, it is a great option for new bloggers in a variety of industries. Whether you have a portfolio or a simple business website, the Origin theme is a great choice to get started right away with a professional-looking website. Since the colors and graphics can be easily changed, it works great for any blog that wants to quickly integrate its brand colors, fonts, and logos. All this simplicity translates to substantial cost savings, since with a quality template like Origin you won’t have to hire a developer to finish your website for you.


Functioning as a standard blog theme, Memoir is great for traditional bloggers that want to enhance the appearance of their conventional blog. Since personal blogging still represents the majority of WordPress sites, no list of themes would be complete without mentioning one. The visual appearance of this theme is stunning, and simply installing it will transform a plain personal blog into a masterpiece. With four unique style options available at the touch of a button, this theme can get bloggers started quickly without the need to bother with advanced setup options. Like all premium Elegant Themes, memoir still provides a rich assortment of customization, layouts, and widgets that give bloggers full control over the presentation of their content. With lifetime updates, this theme is a solid blogging platform that will continue to perform well for years to come.


If you are looking for a sleek design that enables you to get started without excessive configuration, TheSource is a great option for you. Immediately after installation, TheSource transforms your blog into a beautiful blog that your readers will love. Yet despite this simplicity, this template still comes packaged with an array of layout options, style choices, and customization that still allow you to fine-tune the appearance of your blog. Using the dashboard provided by Elegant Themes, TheSource lets you control the way your blog looks to your visitors. Using drag-and-drop shortcodes, complex design elements can be included quickly by simply dragging the desired item into the page. These improvements to existing WordPress functionality mean you won’t have to navigate through difficult code to perform simple tasks.

TheSource is a great option for bloggers that have a corporate, business, or videogame blog. Of course it can perform well in other niches too, but TheSource is especially good for providing a turnkey solution that looks good from the start. Without having to make any additional changes, simply installing TheSource and changing the text and graphics is all that is required to have a beautiful blog. It comes well-organized, providing a homepage with an integrated news feed, related post sidebars, image faders, and widgets to make adding advertising simple. For bloggers looking to get started with a successful blog, TheSource should be carefully considered.


Explicitly designed for successful bloggers, the Fable theme helps bloggers create a successful blog by giving bloggers a platform to create a variety of post types to communicate a more dynamic message. Utilizing a full-screen design, Fable responsively encompasses any screen with readable text that highlights the message being communicated. By keeping the design simple, Elegant Themes created Fable to keep the focus on the content while still looking beautiful and offering simple development to content creators. With an unlimited number of color choices, bloggers can pick a style that works for them without needing to waste valuable time worrying about layouts and advanced design elements. Best of all, a simple design change will be translated effectively to mobile, tablet, and standard computer users alike, automatically. Fable is great for personal and portfolio bloggers that want to showcase their work or demonstrate their expertise to the world.


For bloggers that want a theme that gives them broad control over page design through a wide range of widgets and layout options, Nexus can help tell a story through visualization and interaction. With a clean layout design, Nexus is great for bloggers with a huge volume of content, news sites, or even corporate blogs. It even provides a built-in homepage builder that gives bloggers total control over the images, graphics, and text that appears on the homepage. By dragging and dropping custom widgets, building the perfect homepage is simple. In addition to a versatile layout, Nexus features unlimited color and style options for all pages. This maximizes a blogger’s level of control over the content of the entire blog, and prevents the appearance of the website as a clone of others using the same template. To make monetization simple, Nexus even includes a unique utility that makes advertisement placement simple.

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