For bloggers looking develop affordable websites without having to hire a developer, ThemeFuse offers an affordable premium theme that combines high performance with quality design. Explicitly targeting a wide range of websites, ThemeFuse works to supply the best templates on the market for individual bloggers, freelancers, and portfolio websites alike. Fully-responsive on all platforms, ThemeFuse themes can be purchased individually or as a complete package directly from their website. Supporting themes in a variety of niches, from car dealerships to portfolio blogs, ThemeFuse themes have something for everyone. Supported by their developers, a member’s forum, and routine updates, ThemeFuse themes come with all the tools bloggers need to build their website themselves. This article will outline some of ThemeFuse’s best features to help bloggers decide if ThemeFuse is right for them.

Powerful Features

ThemeFuse themes are designed to be ready-to-go right out of the package. With infinite color variations, bloggers can customize the appearance of their theme without necessarily having to understand technical programming, CSS, or HTML code. Colors and fonts can be modified quickly by simply using the tools provided in the WordPress dashboard. While bloggers can change the appearance on the fly, ThemeFuse’s framework works in the background to ensure that changes are compatible on all browsers. To make customizing ThemeFuse websites even easier, the company includes an assortment of custom widgets and plugins with their themes to make it easier to customize the appearance of each page. These widgets can then be further customized by bloggers looking to get the most out of their plugins. ThemeFuse even supports many third-party applications frequently used by bloggers, like Feedburner. This is great for bloggers that want to automatically make their content readable by RSS feeds to make their content more accessible.

ThemeFuse themes come packaged with other features that make it easy to maintain and update a website with minimal effort. For bloggers that want to further-customize their theme, PSD photoshop files are included to make these changes easier. Posting tools like automatic image resizing and editing can cut down on time required to include multimedia content in a blog. Even a jQuery video lightbox can be integrated into pages using simple short codes. With built-in search engine optimization tools, bloggers are empowered to quickly manage meta tags, sitemaps, and page titles for each post. For multi-lingual bloggers, ThemeFuse includes utilities that allow webmasters to translate the entire website with the press of a button. With such a robust array of features, ThemeFuse truly has something for everyone.

Ease of Use

To make their themes even easier for non-technical users, ThemeFuse includes utilities that allow for one-click installation. All bloggers have to do is simply install WordPress, upload the theme files, and hit the “install” button. With that simple action, the entire website can be transformed into whatever language the site owner wants. There are nearly a hundred ThemeFuse themes to choose from, and these can be swapped interchangeably depending on the needs of the website owner. To create an entirely redesigned website, a blogger simply has to upload the theme files and hit install.

While one-click installation makes getting started easier, ThemeFuse even offers to install its themes for members free of charge. After purchasing an affordable hosting server and domain, bloggers just have submit a request on ThemeFuse’s website to utilize this complementary service. This can be especially helpful for novice bloggers that are merely looking to develop an outlet to show the world what they can do.


The most compelling reason to use ThemeFuse is its full-service support capabilities. In addition to providing support through Skype and social media, on-site post-sales support is available for all members through a helpful support forum. At the time of writing, this support forum contains answers to over 30,000 questions and nearly 200,000 posts. Ranging from general WordPress support to plugins, and even custom coding, this forum is an invaluable hub of knowledge for anyone looking to succeed at working with a successful WordPress website themselves. While ThemeFuse-related categories make up the majority of the forum’s content, developers will even answer questions related to general WordPress questions, PHP, search engine optimization, and others. There is even a theme suggestions section to provide an outlet for bloggers that want to provide feedback. Since ThemeFuse does not have email support, this member’s forum certainly makes up for it.

In addition to a helpful support forum, ThemeFuse offers additional channels to help bloggers succeed with their themes. In its member’s section, bloggers can watch video tutorials that explain every element of their themes from WordPress installation to customizing posts. These videos are well-made, providing valuable demonstrations to show bloggers how to succeed with their blogs. For even greater detail, features of every theme are carefully documented to remove any room for confusion.


As part of its post-sales service focus, theme updates are provided to members for life. However, this service requires an extra $17 per month. While this is expensive, it is still advantageous for many professional bloggers because these updates will ensure that websites remain operational despite monthly WordPress updates. These updates can be installed automatically by website owners simply by navigating to the template in the dashboard and hitting “update”.

Getting Started

ThemeFuse is great for both companies and individuals alike that wish to get started with a beautiful website right away. Should you decide that ThemeFuse is right for you, most of their themes can be purchased individually for $49 each. One theme is enough for most bloggers, but it is important to make the purchase carefully to avoid having to buy another. For the best value, the entire library of themes can be purchased for just $199. Generally, this is recommended for website owners that are unsure which theme they prefer, or plan to create many websites in the future. Once a theme package has been purchased, the templates can be used for by website owners for life. However, the maintenance package is still required for new templates, updates, and continued support after the purchase.

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