For professional bloggers, ThemeForest is one of the best places to find affordable, customizable themes that look great. Whether you are looking to build a corporate blog, personal portfolio site, or just a simple blog, these themes can help you get more from your efforts. With most themes available for less than $50, ThemeForest makes having a beautiful, optimized blog more accessible than ever. In this article, we will outline some of the most beautiful and customizable themes for bloggers available on Themeforest.


Just as the name suggests, Vivacity delivers a versatile, fully responsive theme that looks beautiful on any device. With the help of a built-in drag-and-drop site builder called Visual Composer, making changes is easier than ever. Layouts can be customized, colors can be changed, and even font sizes can be adjusted. By using the website builder, all of this can be done without needing to know one bit of CSS or HTML code. To make this even easier, the included Skin Manager can change major design elements without the need to even use the site builder. Therefore, bloggers can decide for themselves what level of customization they would like to use on their blogs. This makes the Vivacity theme perfect for personal blogs, portfolios, and even advanced business websites.

Besides its customizable appearance, the Vivacity theme also makes maintenance easier and enhances WordPress functionality with a variety of additional features. Right out of the box, WooCommerce integration is optionally included to make selling products on your blog even easier. This is great for bloggers that want to monetize their work by selling products or services. For more community-oriented blogs, support is included for the popular social networking plugins BuddyPress and bbPress. Due to the level of customization that this theme enables, your website will be unique despite the fact that these theme is used on over 200 websites. With clean code, search engine optimization, and multi-lingual support, this robust theme can be applicable for a wide range of bloggers. Best of all, the theme is reasonably priced at just $55.


Designed with simplicity in mind, Everest allows bloggers to build sleek websites that maintain a clean design to keep the focus on your message. Its default design is beautiful, and it can be fully customized right down to the colors, layouts, and fonts. The broad flexibility of these is particularly impressive: over 500 fonts and 6500 color options are available by default. If this is still not enough, more can even be added by end users. Like Vivacity, Everest is fully responsive on any device, even on more unusual devices such as home TV’s and 4k monitors. With clean typography, blog readers will find it easier to enjoy your content with enhanced readability on any device. Additional design elements such as footers, headers, and backgrounds can also be customized with ease by simply selecting design options through the administrator dashboard. These can then be further customized without the need to understand advanced code.

The Everest theme can be effective for both bloggers and site owners alike. Designed with regular users in mind, the themes can be completed without the need for technical skills. Due to the simple design, these themes are especially simple to finish. To make completion quick, there are just a few images that need to be changed, a substantial advantage over most themes. Simply pick a color scheme, throw in a couple images, and the theme will look great. Despite all the simplicity, Everest still provides extensive support for SEO, with automatic 404 pages, sitemaps, and meta tag customization. For more customized designs, custom child themes come packaged with Everest to give you additional versatility as a blogger. Together, all these features create a powerful package that can get your blog up-and-running with minimal effort.


For a simple, modern design that keeps your readers focused on your content, BuzzBlog is an excellent choice. Utilizing a simple black-on-white design, the theme makes it easy for your readers to stay focused on the content. With this theme, there are no distracting colors and graphics. Dispite this simple design, BuzzBlog still delivers a theme that is beautiful for site visitors and easy to maintain for bloggers. Like other themes, the theme supports CSS customization and header styling without the need for coding skills. The theme is fully responsive, working well on a wide-range of devices.

With 8 custom widgets and over 15 page templates, support for customization is thoroughly integrated into every page of this theme. For bloggers, the blog pages come packaged with 7 different layout options, allowing bloggers to vary the appearance of blog pages depending on the intended use and functionality of each page. The image slider is particularly noteworthy, as it allows unique features such as multiple columns and an integrated lightbox. For a user-friendly blog that performs well, BuzzBlog is an excellent option for both professional and novice bloggers alike.


The Heap theme is critically-acclaimed for good reasons. In addition to top-notch support, Heap can build beautiful blog pages that can be fully customized on-the-fly. Using a drag-and-drop site builder, page layouts and design can be customized right down to the borders and shadow. This makes it a great option for a blogger that wants to take what already exists and build something completely unique. For SEO, essential features such as schema markup, meta tags, title tags, and social media integration are simple to setup with the Heap theme. In fact, it supports over 300 social networks, which can make this a great choice for bloggers that utilize a broad range of channels to spread the word about their content.

On the setup side, just one click is required to install the theme. For multi-lingual blogs, Heap supports any language, and provides a utility to allow for the translation of the entire site’s content if necessary. Heap even enhances WordPress’ built-in shortcode engine by allowing shortcodes to be dragged-and-dropped into a page. With all of these features, Heap is a great choice for new bloggers that are looking to get started quickly and want to extensively customize their theme.

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