Much like ThemeForest, Mojo Themes offers bloggers a wide variety of templates created by individual developers. Acting as an intermediary between buyers and sellers, Mojo Themes makes it simple and safe to reliably purchase high-quality themes for your blog. Users who purchase themes can rate them, and themes with the most likes will be displayed first to help buyers sort through the clutter. Once themes have been purchased, Mojo Themes makes it easy to receive support, with a built-in support center available for all themes. Users can post questions and concerns related to a theme, and developers will respond with helpful advice to make the use of their themes easier. With these advantages, many bloggers look to Mojo Themes to get affordably priced, beautiful templates for their websites.

Getting Started with Mojo Themes

A quick visit to Mojo Themes will reveal just how simple their site is to navigate. All WordPress themes can be viewed by simply visiting the “WordPress Themes” page. Currently, there are over 760 themes available to choose from. Most of the critically-acclaimed themes are priced at just $49, but some are available for as little as $16. Generally, the higher the rating that the theme receives, the higher its price will be. This is great for bloggers, since you will only have to pay for the quality that you receive. By filtering themes through this system, developers are forced improve their theme quality to remain competitive, and buyers are more likely to be satisfied. This helps everyone, but most of all it helps you provide a better blog to your website visitors.

Besides facilitating a support system, Mojo Themes also offers many other advantages over similar competitors. Comprehensive documentation is included with all of their themes, which makes working with these themes even easier. Combined with the knowledge base supplied in the frequently asked questions and support sections included with each theme, working with these themes is simple. As developers answer questions and solve problems, they also routinely issue updates to improve the experience of their customers. These updates are offered free to buyers for life with all purchases. Not only does it mean templates continuously get better, they also will be updated as new WordPress improvements make changes to core functionality that can potentially break a template.

Picking the Right Templates

With the huge library of themes that Mojo Themes provides, it is easy to get overwhelmed. Thankfully, its themes can be searched by a variety of criteria. Themes can be sorted by their intended use, such as portfolios, ecommerce, or restaurant. Bloggers will be happy to learn that the largest category available on the site is the “blogs” category, which contains over 590 themes intended for use as WordPress blogs. These can be further segmented by with the navigation provided next to the themes list. With a built-in search engine, filtering categories by the keyword of your choice is simple. These results can then be sorted by sales, date posted, and price. With such robust search features, finding the perfect template for your blog is simple and hassle-free.

Comparing Products

Before making a purchase, each theme provides excellent descriptions that assist with comparing available choices. Most template descriptions are exceptionally detailed, with in-depth textual and visual items that make the features of each theme clear. Full-website live demos can be viewed, which can help you decide for sure if the theme is right for your blog. For faster comparison, theme developers also outline the primary features of each theme carefully with colourful images that highlight these advantages. For more detail, moderated descriptions clearly outline each feature. These give additional insights into the widgets, settings, and search engine optimization capabilities of each theme. To remain compliant with image copyright laws, most of the theme descriptions even include lists of where each image can be purchased. With this type of primary information available for each theme, making the final decision to make a purchase is much easier.

Choosing the Best Seller

In addition to providing detailed descriptions of each theme, Mojo Themes also provides detailed developer profiles. These can help you to get a better understanding of the skills, portfolio, and reputation of each developer before making a purchase. On each author page, you can see each theme the author has created, the length of time that the developer has been active on the site, and the amount of followers that they have. The number of followers and the social media profiles of each author can help you understand the developer’s reputation from their past customers. Most developers also include a link to their own website. By browsing through the other themes available in their portfolio, you will get a better understanding of the developer’s ability to create themes that fit your needs. Generally, an author will use a similar methodology and framework for each theme, so this can give valuable insights.

Making the Purchase

Once you have browsed through all the themes and developers available on Mojo Themes, your last step will be to finally make the actual purchase. Mojo Themes makes this simple with a simple signup form that simply requires only your name, username, email, and password. Once you have an account, you can go ahead and make your purchase. Mojo Themes accepts payment through PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Simply hitting “Buy Now” will move you to the checkout page, where you can get started with your theme in just a few minutes.

Before buying, you can decide to how you would like to have your theme installed. You can always install it yourself, but Mojo Themes offers a setup service where its developers will install the theme and complete the setup for you. Just send them the login details to your hosting server, and they take care of everything for you. This costs just an extra $49, and for $50 more they will even install WordPress for you. This flexibility makes the ordering process even simpler, since you won’t even have to deal with creating databases, uploading files, and troubleshooting errors if you don’t want to.

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