When deciding on the best theme developer for your WordPress blog, it is difficult to imagine a better choice than StudioPress. Powered by the Genesis Framework, StudioPress themes are instantly mobile, perform quickly, have enhanced security, and come with automatic search engine optimization. Even their default themes look beautiful fresh out of the package. Most of them are HTML5 compatible, have multiple color styles, and feature multiple header options. Then there is StudioPress’ proprietary Genesis Framework, a feature of all their themes that enables you to quickly modify each template by simply utilizing a drag-and-drop website builder. StudioPress themes even come integrated with rich features such as newsletter signups, contact forms, and search tools that help your blog perform in addition to looking great. With all of these features included with their WordPress themes, it is hard to imagine a better theme developer that enables bloggers to get started with less effort, cost, and hassle.

Genesis Framework

As mentioned, the Genesis Framework is the cornerstone feature of StudioPress. With this ground-breaking tool, customizing your themes is easier than ever by offering both a robust array of packaged features and a drag-and-drop site builder. Rather than forcing users to manually design each element, the Genesis Framework comes with a variety of packaged layout options, and the simply gives you the option to fine-tune them. Users can even maintain multiple layouts for different pages by maintaining multiple child themes simultaneously. This provides unprecedented customization that simply isn’t available through a standard WordPress installation. Even despite all these extra features, pages still load quickly thanks to the cleanliness of the Genesis Framework code.

Search Engine Optimization

Understanding the needs of their customers to get more traffic from search engines like Google and Bing, StudioPress worked to improve on-page Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which enhances the amount of pages that get indexed in search engines, the way they appear on the search engine results pages, and the likelihood that the pages will be ranked highly in the results. To succeed at this goal, StudioPress worked with Greg Boser, a SEO industry leader, to ensure that every theme comes packaged with the right tools, code, and design to get the best results from search engine listings. Starting with simplifying the code base, StudioPress themes are clean both behind the scenes and on-page. Support for customizing the title, description, meta, and anchor tags is included with every post. Advanced functionality, such as Google Authorship identification, is streamlined with tools that the Genesis Framework provides. Best of all, these SEO features are routinely updated and improved as new changes to search algorithms emerge in the marketplace.


While StudioPress themes are packaged with all these features, they also comes with expandability in mind. Unlike some of their competitors, StudioPress follows best-practices to ensure compatibility with existing widgets created by other authors. Pages look good both with and without additional widgets, and the Genesis Framework lets you modify the style sheets to get external widgets looking exactly as you want them. Widget placement is even simplified with a simplified layout on the WordPress widget page. Best of all, StudioPress packages its themes with a wide array of user-friendly premium plugins that make additional functionality simple.

While third-party plugins can still add value, packaged plugins can perform most tasks that bloggers require from their site. For example, instead of having to download or purchase a newsletter plugin, the StudioPress eNews plugin easily integrates with your existing email system and comes with documentation and support to make utilization simple. The Simple Social Icons plugin is another example of this. Simply drag the widget into a sidebar, select an icon size, and paste in your social media URL’s. With their support and compatibility, StudioPress plugins are another template feature that simply can’t be ignored. This library of plugins can make the lives of ever blogger more affordable and reduce the stress of site maintenance.

Mobile Sites

In the modern era, designing websites for a variety of devices has become more important than ever. With nearly half of all website traffic coming from alternative devices such as tablets and smartphones, optimizing your blog for this audience has become critical to establishing a successful blog. With this in mind, StudioPress designed their themes to organically scale to the dimensions of any screen. So whether your visitors view your website on a narrow smartphone or a widescreen monitor, it will continue to look beautiful. Best of all, this requires no additional effort on your end as a user, since this functionality is automatically included with every StudioPress theme.


StudioPress themes can either be purchased individually or as one packaged unit. For dedicated bloggers, their entire library can be purchased for $399.95. Compared to the price of purchasing all of these individually, this adds up to over $1000 in savings. However, some themes which are considered third-party are not included with the package. It also comes with lifetime support from their team of over 20 developers, a package that requires no additional recurring maintenance fee. For bloggers on a budget, individual themes cost just $79.95, and come with lifetime updates and support. These are best for bloggers that have just one website that they plan to create. They come with all the features that the full package includes, even plugins and the Genesis Framework.


While StudioPress costs a bit more than its competitors, it provides unbeatable quality that its competitors will have trouble matching. With the Genesis Framework, your website will continue to securely run even as WordPress continues to release monthly changes to its core functionality. With the help of its support team, you will have unlimited access to their comprehensive support forum. With merely some basic hosting and a domain, you can get started in just minutes with a beautiful website that will keep visitors engaged and coming back for more. The search engine optimization features of StudioPress are unmatched by its competitors, and additional plugins are available that can enhance the functionality of the themes without compatibility issues. For both new and experienced bloggers alike, StudioPress offers an exceptional solution that enhances your ability both to get work done and create blogs that deliver the results you need.

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