Learn How to Create a Website Using WordPress

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Step 1: Install WordPress On Your Site

Installing WordPress on your website or blog is an extremely easy thing to do. Because of the popularity of WordPress, most hosting companies have made it even easier to install WordPress. They offer software in their backend control panel (called cPanel) which allows... read more

Step 2: Choose a Theme In WordPress

The Importance of Picking The Right Theme For You Anytime you’re building a new WordPress site, possibly the biggest choice you have to make, is which theme you’re going to use. I do want to mention that you can change your theme any time you want, but... read more

Step 3: Optimize Your WordPress Site

Why You Always Want To Have Your Site SEO Optimized So, what is Search Engine Optimization, and why do you want it? It’s all about getting the search engines (like Google) to place your website within their search results (ideally, really high up on their search... read more

Step 4: Add Widgets

What Are Widgets, and Why Do We Need Them? Widgets, like plugins, do a wide variety of different things. They can give you all sorts of functionality which you wouldn’t get without them. That being said, however, there are some pretty major differences between... read more

About WordPress

What Is a CMS? A long time ago, building your own website was hard work. You needed to know all sorts of coding languages, such as PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and more. And while those are still quite helpful in today’s day and age, they’re totally... read more

How to Get Started with BlueHost and Why I Use Them

First of all, I know there are a whole lot of hosting companies out there, but I personally use BlueHost for most of my websites and I have to say, I love it. I’ve been hosting my four big WordPress websites over there for literally over six years now. I’d... read more

How To Secure Your WordPress Installation

As you know, WordPress can be a very secure CMS… but, due to its popularity, at the same time, it can also be a target for hackers as well, who are familiar with how it works, and how to get through its many defenses. Luckily, securing your WordPress... read more

Twenty Fifteen Theme Review

As you probably know, each and every year, WordPress comes out with a new default theme. This is the theme which is uploaded automatically to WordPress when you first create a new blog. Each theme is very unique, and what’s neat is that WordPress allows you to... read more

How To Make a WordPress Blog Look Like a Website

I wanted to go over something which I feel is very important for you to know, and that is; how to make your WordPress blog look like a standard, typical, every day website. We all know how easy WordPress is to use, and how much support is offered for it, but we also... read more

Monarch – My Favorite Social Sharing Plugin

We all know the importance of getting more people to share your content via Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and the others, but I was looking for a way to really give myself an edge in this department so I could get my posts to spread around the web like wildfire,... read more

My WordPress Infographic

In this post on my blog I want to share with you a WordPress infographic that I’ve designed. I have tried to highlight the main WordPress features in it and I’ve also added some graphics like e.g. a graph to illustrate the worldwide usage of WordPress... read more

Two Essential Plugins for WordPress SEO

For bloggers that want their web properties to be successful, making sure that websites follow best practices to ensure that search engines will see them as highly relevant is critical to success. Yet for many bloggers, doing this alone without hiring an SEO... read more
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