Quick Tutorial on How to Create a WordPress Website

Quick Tutorial on How to Create a WordPress Website

The website that you’re looking at is installed on WordPress and I got it all for free. In this quick tutorial I’m going to guide you step-by-step on how to create a website using WordPress that might look similar to this website.

1) Web Hosting

I recommend using BlueHost (click on this link to get a discounted price) web hosting. It is an ideal web host for the WordPress software as it has everything that you need to host WP sites (MySQL database, PHP, etc.) and they also recommend it as a WordPress web host ranked #1 right on the wordpress.org website. I host my 4 big WordPress-powered websites with them and have not had any problems so far. I have been with them already for more than 5 years and am 100% satisfied with them.

Yes, you could also go with free web hosting, but I don’t recommend that, as WordPress requires a database to work and even the best free web hosts have problems with this (this was my own experience with Freehostia.com, I then went for paid hosting).

2) Install WordPress

I recommend installing WordPress using the one-click WP installation feature with SimpleScripts in the BlueHost’s cPanel. It’s really easy and quick. Just search for the WordPress icon in the control panel, click on it, then fill in all the details and click “Install”. It’s as easy as that.

3) Upload a WordPress Template

Find a nice WordPress theme for your website and just upload it to the wp-content/themes/ folder. Then activate it in the WP admin panel – in Appearance -> Themes.

To find a WordPress theme for your website I recommend you to check out the premium WP themes by ElegantThemes – you can get access to all their beautiful 87 themes from $69. That’s just 79 cents per theme. They have really nice themes and I have also used them for some of my projects. Even this website’s theme is one of their themes.

Or you can also hire me to design a custom WordPress theme for you – check the Services page of my website to see some samples of my work.

4) Modify the Theme

If you do not want the comments and the “posted by… on…” displayed to make your website not look like a blog, just delete the following from the index.php (and also delete the same in the files page.php and single.php – if there are these files):

  • <?php the_time(‘F jS, Y’) ?><?php edit_post_link(‘, Edit’); ?>
  • <div class=”comm”><?php comments_popup_link(‘Post Comment’, ‘Comments (1)’, ‘Comments (%)’); ?></div>

Note: Backup the files of your theme before editing it, so that you have the original files in case you do something wrong.

If the theme that you are using uses a different code, you can find someone on a webmaster forum who will do this for you. Or you can also contact me and I will help you with this.

You might also like to edit some images of the theme like e.g. the header image. I have done both of these modifications on the theme of this website – I removed the comments and added the text “wordpress.lexty.com” into the header image.

And that’s it. You are done, good luck with your new WordPres website!


This is a professional website and I receive compensation for some of the endorsed products. For more information see disclosure policy.

Video Tutorial

Video Tutorial

BlueHost – link for BlueHost web hosting